Garbage (solid waste)
Residents and Commercial Businesses can haul garbage to the landfill. All incoming customers are required to weigh on the scale located at the recycling center. All garbage coming to the landfill must be tarped and the tarp tied down securely to prevent litter on the roadways. All end-gates must be in the upright position. After the load is weighed, customers proceed to the landfill to unload the garbage. After the load is unloaded, customers go back and weigh empty at the recycling center. Cost of disposal of garbage is $41 per ton.

Appliances include washing machines, clothes dryers, microwaves, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, furnaces, refrigerators, and freezers. The Commission has a contract with Quant Auto Salvage who comes and picks up the appliances and de-manufactures them according to Iowa's regulations. After the appliances are de-manufactured, the scrap metal is sold to a salvage yard. Cost for disposal is $10 per appliance.

The Commission has a processor, Liberty Tire; pick up tires that are brought for proper disposal. All sizes of tires are accepted and the cost for disposal is $185 per ton based on the tonnage delivered.

Brush and Sticks
The Commission has an area designated for sticks and brush which are burned according to regulations set forth by the Department of Natural Resources. The cost for disposal of brush and sticks is $41 per ton based on the tonnage delivered, minimum charge of $2.00.

Yard Waste
The Commission has an area designated for grass and leaves. All grass and leaves must be emptied out of the bags and the bags taken home and reused or put in the garbage. There is no cost for disposal of grass and leaves.

Clean dimensional wood waste and pallets are ground into a wood mulch that can be used in flower gardens and for new tree plantings.  The mulch is sold in bulk for $50 per ton. 

Electronic Waste
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that most colored cathode ray tubes (CRTs) are hazardous waste. A CRT is a vacuum glass tube, which is the video display component of a computer monitor or television. Colored CRTs from a business CAN NOT be disposed of in an Iowa landfill. Cost of recycling CRT's from businesses and residents is $5.00 per TV or monitor.

Cost of recycling CRTs from a business is $.35 per pound for the monitor or television with the hard drive, key board, and mouse being free.

Residents can also recycle the CRTs for $.35 per pound for the monitor or television or choose to pay the garbage price per ton for disposal in the landfill.

Recycling Bin

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