Wondering How to Dispose of Your Batteries?

Don’t find yourself in the dark when it comes to battery disposal.

It's easy and convenient at the Carroll County Solid Waste Recycling Center!

When your flashlight batteries die, dispose of them properly.

February 18th is National Battery Day.

What a small but mighty convenience batteries bring to our everyday life!

It would be hard to find someone in the United States that doesn’t use or benefit from a battery. Even those who live a minimalistic life use battery operated devices such as phones, flashlights, radios or watches.

While batteries help light up our lives, some are made from materials that will darken the environment. Most batteries must be disposed of as a hazardous material, and require a special disposal area. Carroll County Solid Waste provides free residential disposal for folks living in Carroll County!

In an effort to shed the light on proper disposal, we have compiled a list for quick reference. Click here to download the list for reference.

When celebrating National Battery Day take a moment to check and replace the batteries around your household. Fire and smoke alarms should be changed once a year, check your clocks as well! It’s a good time to look at old toys and electronics for any possible leakage.

Contact us if you have any questions about safely disposing of your batteries. We're happy to help you get rid of them!

Battery Disposal GuidelinesClick Here to View Larger Image