A Burden on Recycling Services

Contaminated Rural Recycling Trailers are Placing an Unnecessary Filthy & Financial Burden on Recycling Services

recycling problems in our area

Recycling has been around since the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act of 1989. Fast forward 31 years, and we still face confusion on what goes in the recycling and what goes in the garbage. Our rural recycling trailers have become a dumping site for many unrecyclable items.

Rural recycling trailers are placed though out our service area to provide easy and accessible recycling opportunities for those who live outside curbside collection zones. But misunderstanding of acceptable materials is putting this service in jeopardy.

Recycling in our area is a hand sorted industry and requires clean, dry materials for best results. In recent years, countries who have been global providers for recycling processing, have closed their borders due to filthy and unrecyclable items received from the USA. Our recycling is now processed in our own backyard. Domestic mills place high demand for clean, dry and non-contaminated materials. Noncompliance results in materials being rejected and ultimately landfilled as trash.

Recycling Education is the Solution

recycling education is key

West Central Iowa Solid Waste Management Association actively provides recycling education and collection opportunities to our service area. Our staff works diligently to sort and maintain the highest level of recycling standards. The Association asks that you do your part as well.

Get educated on recycling basics…be considerate of staff who hand sort your items. Your efforts will assure that rural recycling trailers do not become a service of the past. Visit our website at westcentralsolidwaste.com for detailed videos and lists of what can and cannot be recycled. Unusual item? Call your local solid waste office.

In the words of Annie Leonard, proponent of sustainability: “There is no such thing as ‘away.’ When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.”

Do your part to know what to throw in the trash and what to recycle into new materials. Don’t let your ‘away’ make rural recycling trailers go away. Recycle responsibly.