Carroll County Recycling

Recycling 101

Recycling is something we all can do, and our efforts make a global impact.

However, if done incorrectly, our efforts cause more problems than benefits.

Unrecyclable materials in with recycling causes undue health risks to staff, unnecessary work and expense, as well as contamination and the possibility of landfilling an entire load.

All items MUST be Empty, Clean & Dry




Recyclable Glass is ONLY a food or beverage container, and generally has a metal lid.

Both are recyclable, but go to different areas for recycling.

Give that bottle, jar & lid a good rinse and place them separately in the recycle bin.





Aluminum & Steel

Recyclable metal comes in the form of a food or beverage can, empty aerosol can, foil wrap & cooking tin or metal hanger.

Give cans a quick rinse so they are free from food & grease and place in the recycle bin.

Have other metal/steel items? They can be reused & recycled, just not in the curbside program. Give your local salvage yard a call.




Not all plastics are created equal or can be recycled in the curbside program.

Look for the recycle symbol ♲ on plastic. ONLY items with a 1 or 2 can be recycled.

Most recyclable plastic is a food, beverage, soap or cleaner container.

All other plastic goes in the trash…help us put waste in the right place.



Unrecyclable Plastic

Not all plastic can be recycled due to its chemical properties.

Only items with a number 1 or 2 can be recycled in the curbside program.

HOWEVER, single use shopping bags can be returned to local grocers for recycling.

Toys, tupperware, rubber maid, hoses, plastic hangers…can be reused at a local thrift store, but are unrecyclable. If no longer usable, they belong in the trash. 




Keep paper dry & free from grease placed in a separate paper bag, or placed separately in your bin.

Most paper, envelopes and boxes can be recycled, but NOT if it has a waxy coating or glittery surface.

Office paper, newspapers, magazines, sticky notes, cardboard backing from packaging, construction paper, file folders with metal removed, envelopes, paperback books are just a few examples of recyclable paper.

You can always reuse a hard cover book, gift bag, tissue paper or wrapping paper, but they cannot be recycled…place them in the trash.



Recycling cardboard, cereal and cracker boxes requires a few simple steps.

Remove all liners, styrofoam & plastic wrap and place them in the trash.

Flatten boxes and keep separate from other recycling. 

Most important is to keep it clean, dry and free from food or grease.




Pizza Box Recycling

You can recycle the clean parts of the pizza box, such as the top and sides.

Enjoy your deep dish and recycle too!







Know where it goes!

Recycling is a hand sorted process.

When trash is placed in recycling, it causes contamination, putting sanitation and recycling workers at risk.

Sorting garbage from recycling is an expensive and poor way to use our recycling & sanitation utility dollars.

Call us with any recycle questions at 712-792-5001.


Click Here For Brochure on Recycling


All households in the cities of Carroll County are provided with weekly curbside pickup of recyclable materials on the same day and at the same time when their garbage is picked up. Please see the brochure for how to prepare your red recycling container for pickup.

If you move and the house does not have a red container, please call 712-792-5001 to learn how you can get a container.

Rural Recycling

Drop off sites have been established for rural residents in Carroll County to also participate in the recycling program. Absolutely no garbage is accepted at these sites.

All recyclables materials can also be delivered free of charge to the recycling center during normal business hours.

View locations of dropboxes and recycling trailers


The Commission provides blue recycling bags for commercial businesses to recycle paper products. The businesses can work with their contracted hauler about pickup or deliver the bags directly to the recycling center.

Local haulers providing this service in Carroll County include Ray's Refuse Service, 712-792-4071 and Carroll Refuse Service, 712-792-0101. If you need information outside of Carroll County, call 712-792-5001.


The Commission has a contract with Quandt Auto Salvage who comes and picks up the appliances and demanufactures them according to Iowa's regulations. After the appliances are demanufactured, the scrap metal is sold to a salvage yard.

We Accept: Appliances include washing machines, stoves, clothes dryers, microwaves, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, furnaces, refrigerators, and freezers.

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Carroll Tire RecyclingTires

The Commission has a processor, Liberty Tire, who picks up tires that are brought for proper disposal.

We Except: All tire sizes.

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Lawn & Garden / Brush & Tree Disposal Services

Lawn, Brush & Compost areas are located on the south side of the Recycling Center

19111 Kittyhawk Ave. Carroll, Iowa

Hours: 7:30am – 3:30pm Mon. – Fri.

Sat. 8:00am – 10:30am April – November

Lawn & Garden: FREE of charge

Brush & Tree: $5 minimum - $45 per ton

NO TRASH in this area.


Lawn & Garden Waste

Lawn & garden disposal services are provided FREE of charge.

Grass, leaves, plant remains and small twigs are accepted in this area.

Residents may go directly to the drop off area located on the south side of the recycling center. One vehicle at a time, wait in your vehicle until others are finished unloading.

NO TRASH left at this area! Take all bags and containers home for reuse or disposal.



Brush & Tree Waste

Disposal of brush, tree and limbs is provided

WITH A FEE: $5 minimum - $45 per ton

Branches and trees must be less than 18 inches in diameter.

All loads must be securely strapped or covered.

Residents cross the scale with full load, unload at the brush area. Rescale, receive charge and pay disposal fee. One vehicle at a time, wait in your vehicle until others have finished unloading.

NO TRASH at this area. Take all bags and containers home for reuse or disposal.


Electronic Waste

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that most colored cathode ray tubes (CRTs) are hazardous waste. A CRT is a vacuum glass tube, which is the video display component of a computer monitor or television.

Colored CRTs from a business can NOT be disposed of in an Iowa landfill.

At the current time, this regulation only affects color CRTs from businesses. Wastes from households are not regulated as hazardous wastes so color CRTs from households can legally be disposed of in a landfill (unless a landfill agency has a different policy).

All electronic waste shall be delivered to the recycling center for recycling.

We Except:

Recycling any size monitors, TVs, laptops, printers, fax machines, stereo equipment, VCR's, hard drives, copiers, keyboards, mouse, and cables.

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Clean dimensional wood waste and pallets are ground into a wood mulch that can be used in flower gardens and for new tree plantings.

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