Carroll County Staff

The Commission currently employs eleven full time staff members who take care of the administrative duties, run large equipment to properly bury waste, or handle the duties in the recycling center to prepare the materials for market.

Staff Members:

Mary Wittry

Office Manager
Cathy Toms

Education Coordinator
Karen Monical

Kendal Drees

Bridget Graves

Dan Henkenius

Peggy Hinners

Mark Kanealy

Nathan Nieland

Jay Riesberg

Dave Tunning

Lynn Wuebker

About the Commission

The Commission has worked with Employment Resources since the recycling center opened in November 1990. Employment Resources is a division of New Hope created in July 1995, with a goal to focus specifically on community employment opportunities. Employment Resources provides Job Placement Services designed to match area businesses with qualified employees. People with disabilities are given assistance to obtain and maintain employment as trained and reliable employees. As a division of New Hope, Employment Resources has an excellent partnership with local businesses.

The Commission is one of the local businesses that have an excellent partnership with Employment Resources. Every day, five to seven wonderful workers along with a supervisor come to the Recycling Center to sort the glass, plastics, tin, and aluminum. The workers do a fantastic job and are part of the Commission's team.