Hazardous Materials and a Unique Year for Spring Cleaning!

March came in like a lamb, but was soon blown away with both strong winds and the covid-19 virus. With school, travel and work on hold, many are facing long stretches of time at home.

Make the best of this historical moment in time!

This is a GREAT time to take care of to do lists, spring clean and take care of those household and lawn projects you haven’t had time to do. Box or bag those items for delivery once this social distancing period is lifted.

Identifying Hazardous Waste

identifying hazardous Waste

When cleaning and sorting items make sure to look at labels before tossing. Terms such as toxic, corrosive, reactive, flammable or keep out of reach of children identify hazardous waste and require special care when disposing. Medical items such as needles and injectors are included in this category. Never put these items down the drain, in the trash or in with recycling. Bring them to the Recycling Center for safe disposal.

Storage of Hazards

Always leave items in their original packaging and store in a safe area away from excessive heat, children and pets. Never remove labels, mix your items or store hazardous material in a food storage container.

Storage and Disposal of Medical Sharps

Place used needles and injectors in a certified sharps disposal container, or in a clearly labeled rigid/firm laundry jug. When jug is filled, tape it shut with duct tape and bring to the recycling center for safe disposal. NEVER put sharps in with recycling.

Disposing of Hazardous Materials

disposing of hazardous waste

It is FREE to dispose of household hazardous waste at the Recycling Center. Drop off hours are between 7:30am – 3:30pm. Always stop in the office before unloading your items and we will direct you to the correct disposal area.

While we have temporarily suspended nonessential household drop off services (hazardous waste, grass & leaves, brush, appliance and tires) for public and staff safety, we are actively working on alternative means of disposal that will pose no risk. Check our website or call 792-5001 for household drop off reopening updates.

Take the #quarantinespringcleaning Challenge!

CLICK HERE for a list of common household hazardous materials to simplify your spring cleaning. Take the #quarantinespringcleaning challenge and get those items boxed and ready for drop off. Make the most of this historical time. Spring is here, sunny days are just around the corner.